Letter: RTA needs local funds

As a long-term resident of Allen County, I am supporting the RTA sales tax as the only reasonable option to sustain a needed public service.

Everyone knows many individuals depend on public transportation. It is also clear existing funds for RTA are inadequate. No one can effectively operate a transit system reliant on federal and state grants with declining local funds for the required match.

As an RTA board member for more than a decade, I am familiar with how complicated state and federal funding regulations are for local transit systems. Without the local match our funding and service options are severely limited. The reality is without additional local funds RTA’s future is very bleak.

On Tuesday, voters will decide if citizens who depend on RTA for affordable transportation will have one less challenge to face each day.

Please join me in supporting a small sales tax levy for everyone in Allen County who relies on this basic public service.

Dick Schroeder, Lima


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