Letter: What I see everyday at RTA

As a current Allen County RTA staff member, I thought I would share some thoughts about our agency and the people who work here everyday to make the lives of Allen County residents better.

First, I would like to say that the numbers cited in all of the reports and materials are 100% accurate. They are current numbers and we are strictly audited to ensure our reporting is correct.

Secondly, several letters have proposed that somehow it is a management problem that has put RTA in it’s current situation. This is just not true. When Sheila Haney took the position of director nearly five years ago, the Allen County RTA was on life support. She developed creative ways to generate funding to match federal and state grants to strengthen finances and our services. She works tirelessly on behalf of the agency and the people of Allen county.

In fact, our entire staff followed Sheila’s lead in adopting a work ethic that focuses, above all, on providing exceptional caring service to our clients. That dedication is why employees continuing working even with no pay raises for the past three years. That is why they roll out of bed in the middle of the night when the fire, police or EMA call with an emergency — like the Mt. Vernon Apartment fire or Friday’s flooding evacuations.

We are working for you and all of Allen county and we need a designated local funding source to sustain our services and match those grants critical for our operation. I ask you to support this very small sales tax levy withy your vote on May 7.

Karen Garland, Lima


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