Letter: RTA has a strong case

It is easy for most of us to speak out about no more taxes, but we also understand that it is our tax dollars that keep our lives and our economy going. I think it is important to take the time to understand what we are expected to pay and why.

The Allen County RTA has done a very good job of explaining why we need to pay a little more sales tax to support our transit services. They have shown us the numbers, the faces and the stories of the people in our area who rely on the services of the RTA. They have even justified the need of bringing back the evening and weekend services as we have heard numerous employers speaking on how critical the transportation issue is when recruiting and retaining employees. We have heard from the elderly, the handicap, the disabled, and even about the special needs children on how and why the need public transportation and it’s affect on their everyday lives is so critical.

Most likely we all know someone — be it friends, family, or neighbors — who could not get to medical appointments, school, work, or shopping were it not for the services of the RTA . I know I do! It is for them and for the good of our community that we need to support this small sales tax levy. Asking us to pay 2 cents on a $20 purchase is a small price to pay for something that will make such a big difference in our community and the lives of so many of our fellow citizens.

Steven Horton, Lima


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