Letter: Young people need to support RTA

As a young professional in the Lima/Allen County community, I look forward to contributing in a way that will make this a better place to live and work for all. I work hard. I pay taxes. And I look for ways to give back and volunteer so that I and those around me will have a better life.

I currently do not ride the bus or use the services of the RTA; but, I have worked with people who do. I know neighbors and relatives who have relied on RTA. And I believe that a strong, vibrant, public transportation system is crucial for a strong, vibrant community.

When you think of the people who use the bus system, you forget that they are on their way somewhere: to go to work, the store, the doctor or to a restaurant. They are on their way to spending money and supporting businesses here. They are looking after their health. And if they are going to work, they are paying taxes – just like I am.

So, when I think of ways to make my community better, I realize that it takes an investment – an investment in time and money. I am already investing the time as a community volunteer. And I think I can invest the little sales tax increase, one penny on a $10 purchase, that the Allen County RTA is requesting on the May 7 ballot to support such an important service for so many people here.

I urge other young professionals to recognize this important investment and to vote yes for the Allen County RTA. We are all worth it.

Amber Basares, Lima


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