Letter: The other side of RTA

I have read about all the mayors, businesses and individuals who are supporting the tax increase for the RTA with words, not money. Here are some things you need to know before voting:

• RTA didn’t have funds to keep routes open, yet they did find money to buy almost 1½ full blocks of property in the 200 and 300 blocks of North Central and Union streets.

• Getting people to work should fall on the individuals, not the taxpayers.

• There are five private transportation companies in Lima. RMS transports mentally and physically disabled people 19 and older. Delphos and Lima have Councils on Aging that transport people 60 and older for free.

• What is the salary of the RTA director? How much was paid to the “head hunter” company that found her? Is the RTA board telling us they cannot find a qualified business person in Allen or surrounding counties to run RTA as a business?

• Before RTA put a levy on the ballot the last time, two board members voted against using a tax levy. Did they have an alternate plan? If so, what was it? Where is the oversight control on RTA spending?

• We hear from the city that RTA is needed for economic growth in Lima. Where is the growth?

• It’s not about only 2 cents of $20. It’s about fiscal responsibility.

• If RTA cared about the people, they would have streamlined the routes to take care of the majority. RTA will not shut down! That is just another scare tactic. Replacing the director and the board seems to be long overdue. More dollars will never be enough.

Vote no.

Tarry Moneer, Lima


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