Letter: Something is fishy

I met a fellow Marine in 1957 while we served with the 3rd. Marine Division on Okinawa. We became fast friends even though he was a lefty politically and I was far right. We were just kids then and it didn’t interfere at all with our friendship.

I was able to reconnect with him a couple years ago and we email each other often. He lives in Oregon. He travels to other countries in the winter, having been to Central America several times. He is a photo bug and sends me many great pictures of his travels.

The photos that I see are of people that look happy, are nicely dressed and well fed. With the huge caravans coming north, I wrote and asked him about all of the gang violence down there. His reply was that he’d never seen any of it and he thinks our government is lying to us. I believe him.

Each country he visits, he ask the natives if they like their government. He stated that in only one country did he get a “yes” from each person that was asked and that was Guatemala. So why are they coming up here? Someone is organizing this to hurt us and it has to stop.

Ray Barnes, Lima


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