Letter: Objections have been a farce

I have been to many council meetings when they discussed liquor license objections. This cycle has been a farce.

A city council can only object to the renewal; they do not have the power or authority to take away someone’s business or livelihood. The objection goes to the Ohio Liquor Control Commission, which eventually will hold a hearing to determine the validity of the objection. Based on what I have heard and observed with this council, I seriously doubt if these objections will be upheld.

This council would be better served if it would work with the police and business owners to help with the problem. Closing down a business will do nothing to correct what they seem to want to do. The problem will move to another business location and the problem will continue.

Work on getting our drug problem under control,.. Work with the police and the businesses on an accurate accounting of police calls calls. We need businesses downtown (bars, restaurants, etc …) to bring people to our downtown. We need a vibrant nightlife to get people downtown.

Quit playing holier than thou and help bring our city to what it used to be and what it can be once again.

Ray Magnus, Lima,

businessman and former city councilman


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