Letter: Trump supporters have head in sand

How much more evidence do Trump supporters need to see showing their popular vote minority-elected, immigrant-hating, women-disrespecting, self-centered, habitually lying, Constitution-violating president is unfit for the office he holds?

The Mueller Report confirms what the entire Intelligence Community of the United States has said from the beginning. The Trump campaign, the Trump transition and now the Trump administration had numerous contacts with Russian nationals who aided in putting him in the White House. When will the people that still support the president see the only person he cares about is himself. The lies by the president and his administration about contacts with Russia were to cover-up his effort to enhance his brand and his financial wealth at the expense of U.S. national security.

The people that can’t keep themselves from calling progressives “socialists” should take a hard look at how strongly they’re backing “socialist-loving” Trump and his buddy, Putin, instead of the entire democratic intelligence network of our United States.

Call progressive liberal voters of this country what you want, but it’s Trump and all his Russian-loving complicit GOP bootlickers that are backing the most socialist country in the world by believing that country and its current president and former KGB agent, over the people who lead our intelligence organizations and all of our democratic institutions.

If you still aren’t convinced and think Trump has pulled one over on the rule of law, wait until the Southern District Of New York gets through with their investigation and see what they have on the mediocre-businessman president.

By the way, do traitorous socialists get secret service protection in prison?

Larry Donaldson, Elida


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