Letter: A look behind RTA numbers

As a retired director of finance for ACRTA, I would like to make a few comments.

ACRTA reported 1,550 and 1,303 trips for Delphos and Bluffton, when figured for pick up and return, you are talking approximately three people a day. Most, if not all of these people, are Marimor’s clientele. Their trips are paid by Medicaid, so essentially taxpayers are already paying for this transportation. If ACRTA didn’t transport these people, Marimor would get the job done.

The federal apportionment for ACRTA this year is over $1.2 million. From state, over $103,000, plus it was announced they would probably be receiving more. From the city of Lima, $100,000. All of this money is coming from taxpayers.

Most of the riders can get their business done during the day. Has a study been done on the night service? If only a few people ride after 7:30 p.m., is it cost effective to run the buses?

There are a few hundred people who consistently ride the buses and make up the thousands of rides. They do need transportation.

There has to be a cheaper way for these people to be transported, without asking the taxpayers to pay more taxes.

Shelley Gould, Lima


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