Letter: Eye soar is ridiculous

I think it is great how Lima is growing. Old buildings being remodeled, The Met expanding, Rhodes College expanding the school uptown, an amphitheater on Spring and Elm Streets. So why would the city, and especially the codes department of Lima, leave a junk yard go unattended as the one on East Market and South Central?

I am all for business in Lima, but this eye soar is ridiculous. A few years back the city made all the junk yards leading up into Lima on State Route 81 (Findlay Road) to put fences around their property to hide their eye soar. This has been like this for years. Sometimes we don’t see things right under our noses. This is the case right down town. We have this issue by our city building and municipal building. There are cars parked on the sidewalks, and worse, parked on the street with no license on them. This is right behind where the new school is to be built on both sides of South Central Street.

Please Lima enforce the laws and clean up this street.

Ken Piercefield, Elida


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