Letter: Heartbeat bill a good thing

I was absolutely horrified and angered at The Lima News, April 11, front page story about the “Heartbeat Bill.”

What I can’t understand is how abortionist can pretend this is not a child they are murdering when it reflexes in pain as it’s being cut out of its mother. If a boyfriend or husband pressures you to kill your child inside you, is it worth having him around?

Regarding the case of rape or incest: Is it right for the child to die over the violence of an adult? Have you ever thought of helping these women in their time of need to obtain prenatal care and pave the road to adoption (the loving option — there are plenty of couples yearning for a child)? How about helping an impoverished mother with diapers, formula, etc… or help her get a job to support her child? Birthright and other organizations have been doing this since 1973. Project Rachel has been healing the emotional scar women have after abortion, and fathers are coming forward too, missing the children they will never have.

Is Michelle Lepore-Hagan crying on the front page over the plight of women, or is it the future reduced monies from Planned Parenthood for her re-election campaign? I challenge Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and other pro-abortion legislators to look a pro-life individual in the eye and say you do not accept monies from Planned Parenthood or any other pro-abortion organization. I think the only businesses that will avoid coming to Ohio because of restrictions are the abortion clinics profiting off of women’s fears.

Marlene Wrasman, Lima


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