Letter: Community backs RTA

Unity for Allen County RTA levy is commendable This is a time of what seems to be great divisions in our country and sometimes even in our own Allen County. It seems far too often that politics and personal agendas get in the way of doing what is best for our communities.

On April 5th, when seven Allen County mayors came together to jointly support one issue that is critically important to so many Allen County residents and businesses, I was in awe. I was proud. I felt great relief knowing that the possibility of unity and doing the right thing still exists.

I commend Mayors Hardy, Berger, Johnson, Gillespie, Johnson, Ruiner and Wilkin for standing together to support this very small sales tax increase (2 cents on a $20 purchase) that will provide solid funding for RTA to continue vital services to our elderly residents, persons with disabilities, workers, and schoolchildren.

I also commend the City Councils of Lima and Delphos and the Bluffton Village Council for endorsing the RTA levy along with countless organizations throughout Allen County that have done the same. We should be proud of what we can accomplish together. Working together to insure we have a strong public transportation system is in the best interest of all Allen County residents. Let’s work together and vote yes for the RTA levy.

Phyllis Conley, Lima


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