Letter: Gun laws need common sense

Regarding the April 14 article in The Lima News — “Gun rights versus public safety: Proposed bill stirs debate” — I would first like to say that myself and many members in my family have concealed carry permits. I also agree 100% with the 2nd Amendment allowing qualified people to carry a firearm.

That being said, I am 100% against passing House Bill 174 that allows anyone 21 or over to carry a concealed firearm without a permit.

The law in Ohio says that any person that can legally carry a concealed firearm has to have training to make sure that that person can handle their firearm safely. The law also requires background checks to ensure a person has no felonies and no diminished mental capacity that would keep them from safely carrying a firearm.

The laws in Ohio also say that people are entitled to drive a car, if they are at least 15½ years of age, have taken and passed driver’s training and pass the driver’s exam to prove that they know the rules and they they can competently drive a car. We would never consider allowing anyone over the age of 15½ to decide for themselves if they are competent to drive a car.

Negligent and untrained drivers can cause accidents and deaths. Negligent and untrained concealed carry holders can also cause accidents and deaths. I’m sure there is pressure on both sides when it comes to the concealed carry debate, but sometimes we just have to use common sense when these laws are passed. I’m not against carrying a concealed firearm, but I do want it to be done with the utmost safety and common sense.

Karen Miller, Shawnee


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