Letter: Have you any compassion?

This county has turned into a bunch of self important whiners. Don’ t confuse that with winners.

Where has your compassion to your fellow man gone?

The RTA levy seeks 1 cent on $10 of merchandise. One peeny. Would you even bend over to pick up a penny?Let me answer that for you.

No you wouldn’t; it would be beneath you. If the users of these buses didn’t have transportation to work, where would they be? On welfare costing you much more money that you wouldn’t be “asked” to give. Would that make you happy? Then you could gripe about that. The lazy no goods.

My son had to use RTA. He has MS and was totally disabled. He used it to go to the doctor. Oh, shame on him. We kept him off of Medicaid for as long as we could; we didn’t want to burden the system. He has had it for 30-plus years and didn’t go on disability until 2002. Shame on me. I’m 81 years old and couldn’t handle him any more. The nerve of me and him needing something that might cost you a penny.

I would never wish his condition on any one. He was a small college AlI-American football player. Do you think he wanted this to be his life? I pray to God you might never have this happen to you!

Compassion is all you are asked to consider.

Louise Myers, Cairo


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