Letter: Goodbye Bath, welcome Lima

During the April 16 Bath Township trustees meeting, numerous issues regarding the area of Lost Creek were discussed. Several of the issues included the proposed development of Lost Creek Golf Course for residential use. Commercial development of Lost Creek was brought up as well.

Almost a year ago the trustees, bath zoning board and local neighborhood association was notified that there was great interest from many residents in regards to commercial zoning. When the residents received the zoning application packet from Bath Township, there were several clerical errors on the 1st page of the application and a $650 fee, which the trustees can wave for rezoning. Clearly the $650 doesn’t get us a proofreader, when it was asked if the trustees could give the people a waver such as they have done for Procter & Gamble, we where told many of times by trustee Bill Degan to “quit being cheap” as residents of Bath Township and pay the $650 or annex to city of Lima because their fee is only $65.

Now the trustees have spent thousands of township dollars on an overlay project to end up now telling those property owners to annex to the city of Lima. I wonder if Bill Degan calls P&G cheap for asking for tax abatements, or people who use coupons or people who shop for the best deal. Either way we will take Bill’s advise: Goodbye Bath Township, hello City of Lima!

Robert McPheron, Bath Township


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