Letter: RTA not perfect, but its helpful

I am writing about the current ACRTA tax that we will vote on in May.

When ACRTA started this program I was a proponent against it. My son is special needs and attended Marimor preschool at the time. I felt then, and still feel, that it is not the safest or best choice for our children. They do not provide proper signage that children are on board nor are people in cars required to stop when our children are boarding and leaving these busses.

Until last year I refused to use the service. I had taken my son to and from school. Last year I started a different position that required me to be at work before he boarded the bus and beyond his dismissal time. I had to make a tough choice. He is now riding this bus against my better judgment.

The public school systems in Allen County have not stepped up to take care of our children with special needs and this is the end result. That being said, I had a choice some and most parents do not. This is a much needed service for our children. I will vote yes for this 0.1% tax levy. I hope you will join me. It is $1 to every $1,000 you spend. I am not a fan of taxes, but unfortunately this is a necessary evil.

Bobbie Dawson, Lima


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