Letter: Libs live a life of total hypocrisy

The recent shift of the Democrat party to the far left has me wondering what type of person would still support them.

• First: You would have to be devoid of human emotions to not have a problem with full-term abortions.

• Second: A supporter would have to hate American values. Americans have fought and died to keep socialism out of this country, now Democrats embrace this very practice. Liberals claim capitalism is bad because some citizens become rich. People who worked for their gains should now share their wealth with those who refuse to work.

•Third: A supporter would have to be able to deny the truth. Liberals claim illegals don’t receive government funds. Why then are illegals receiving tax returns, free college tuition, healthcare and housing, all on the taxpayers dime ?

If this isn’t enough, liberal supports must be hypocrites. They cry for “poor children at the border” while aborting American babies at time of birth. They say “walls are immoral” while their very leaders live behind walled mansions. Bernie Sanders recently admitted he’s a millionaire, all while saying socialism is the way to go.

President Trump thought about putting all these illegals, flooding the border, into liberal’s “sanctuary cities,” but Pelosi wanted nothing to do with that. Seems all their talk is for the rest of America, but not themselves. Total hypocrisy.

Jerry L. Hall, Uniopolis


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