Letter: Allow people to commute

I recently moved back to Lima after 36 years living in Florida. Public transit has always been an important part of the fabric of the communities I lived in. I spent a brief period living in Columbus and taking the bus to and from work. Parking was $60 a month and driving during the winter wasn’t always an option. However, the buses were a great option for me and I enjoyed commuting via public transportation as it was affordable, enjoyable to relax on my commute, and a safe reliable way to get to and from work.

Lima benefits from supporting our Allen County RTA as we continue to revitalize our community. There are so many reasons to keep ACRTA and make a small investment by voting yes on May 7th. If gas spikes again to close to $5 a gallon, adding on the recent tax increase, it may become unaffordable for all of us to drive back and forth to work. So many of our fellow neighbors in Allen County rely on ACRTA. Let’s continue to support their dignity with the ability to get where they need to go.

Cutting off commuting options keeps people stuck and prevents them from getting to the jobs they need to improve their lives. A county that can’t or won’t provide transportation may keep our residents mired in poverty and isolation. Please vote yes on May 7th for this very small sales tax increase that will mean so much to so many residents, businesses, employers, and the vitality of our community.

Catheryn Sarno, Lima


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