Letter: Bus service provides need

The letters are “RTA” and these letters have a special meaning for many people in Lima. Three letters that mean safety, security, a job, a doctor’s appointment kept, groceries, a visit with friends.

I am sure you can come up with an even longer list. These are things that many people are shut out of without the bus service. We cannot all own a car.

I rode the bus a lot as a young child. I met interesting people on the bus and most important of all, I got there safe and I got home safe.

I have been to the bus station. I have watched people load onto the bus and depart from the bus. The people using the bus are just as good as I am and just as good as you are. They want a good life and the freedom of travel. You can give that to them for 0.1% or 2 cents on a $20 purchase.

If you have more than others — be thankful! If you help others — be blessed! Vote and Vote Yes!

George H Haver, Lima


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