Letter: It’s time for us wake up

Can you hear the laughing. It’s Russia, North Korea and the Crown Prince of UAE. They love the chaos around the United States as well as the president and his lackeys. How many “smoke screens” are the American people going to allow. Can no one see that when things get close to Trump and his dealings he starts ranting. Everyone is wrong, well, everyone except him.

Does anyone remember history? Can you remember other tyrannical leaders with their nepotism, self-importance, and self-righteousness. How did their “reign” work out. As I remember they took down their country, and any democracy that was there. The countries failed. I seriously fear for this country with the puppets marching along and mouthing what they hear on the media. Can you really believe some of this junk. I just ask America to listen and make up your own mind and use a little common sense. There is too much cover up and too many people just doing the president’s bidding instead of doing their job. This country had rules written to protect it. Why do we think they need changed? It seems some of you think things need to change to satisfy one person. This country is about all of us !!

Listen and wake up America.

We are truly great and worthy of much more than we are putting forth. We have turned our backs on everyone that have backed us. Shame on us.

When the smoke screens and chaos are so great, it sounds like someone is really that afraid of his house of cards is falling apart.

Louise Myers, Cairo


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