Letter: Jim Jordan’s double negative

As Democrats attempt to investigate steadily rising drug prices, Jim Jordan warned the CEOs of several of the largest pharmaceutical companies against cooperating with the probe. Rep. Cummings of the Committee on Oversight and Reform stated that freedom caucus member Jordan would rather protect big pharma’s stock prices than the interest of the people.

Jim Jordan’s concern over possible falling stock prices leads one to believe his personal portfolio could well contain the stocks he is intent on protecting from investigation. Merck, Pfizer, Johnson and Jonson and Abbott Laboratories collectively gained $7 billion dollars from The GOP’s 2017 corporate tax cut.

Secondly, Jordan voted in opposition to the violence against against women act — VAWA. Mr. Jordan’s support of the NRA outranks any sentiment toward the inconsequential female.

Women hold up half the sky Mr. Jordan and we vote.

Marilyn Mackey, Lima


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