Letter: RTA serves entire county

Last week, Sheila Haney, Executive Director of the Allen County Regional Transit Authority, spoke to The Bluffton Lions Club. First off she told us what we did not already know about the tax levy that will go before voters in May. And, truth be told, many of us did not know the scope of ACRTA’s services, that RTA is significant to the economic well-being of Allen County and is not limited to Lima, but provides countywide services — for example, 1,303 trips made to Bluffton last year, and 1,550 to Delphos.

It’s important to the passage of the small tax levy that seven of Allen County’s mayors have announced their support of it. For groups wanting additional information, consider asking Ms. Haney to come give her PowerPoint presentation to you.

Ron Lora, Bluffton


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