Letter: Democrats scare me

You cannot have a country if you have no borders. You cannot be a country if there is no respect for laws. Democrats have no respect for the borders, the laws and the life of the unborn and newly born.

Drugs and illegals of many nationalities are flooding our border. It is a crisis. We listen to what the Democrat hopefuls say and see how far left, radical and un-American they are willing to go. They are against ICE. It is unspoken, but Democrats want open borders and want to allow illegals to become citizens and voters. Some so called Republicans also employ the illegals. We are seeing the real Democrat party now. They have no love for the America that most of us have grown up in. With the Democrats everything is situational and directed towards their goal of control. We thought Obama was bad. We knew that the Hilli-liar would be worse and Donald Trump saved us. Now we are faced with a truly deranged new socialist Democrat party. Everything Democrats work towards weakens the constitutional protections the Founding Fathers built into this country’s legal structure. Our freedoms and our very Republic are in danger.

It is possible with the 2020 election that the Republic will be on the road to destruction.

As the Democrats march towards socialism and bigger and bigger government, President Trump works to keep the faith with our forefathers who invested their lives and treasure in this country. This country’s forefathers are calling out to us to help President Donald Trump Make America Great Again in 2020. MAGA.

Phillip C Sellati, Lima


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