Letter: Too much complaining

I agree with Clarence Rollers’s comments on Congressman Jordon. It’s very easy and safe to complain about things, but quite another to come up with legislation that you have to answer for should it fail.

Jordon takes the safest route. He does nothing and complains. Free market solutions to heath care is his response to the problems we face. In a free market you have winners and losers. Not everyone wins and succeeds. So Mr. Jordon, please point out which of your constituents should lose and do without?

None of our citizens should suffer and lose everything because they got sick. As Americans we decided a long time ago that our elderly will have some Security in their final years. Why not look after our own people when it comes to healthcare? Margaret Thacher the Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britan when asked how she can square being a Conservative yet she still was a supporter of the National Health Service which guarantees healthcare for all the British People. Her response was simple and straightforward. “As a young woman I watched my government spend over half of their budget killing Germans. We can spend enough to take care of our own people.”

Jeffrey Perine, Lima


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