Letter: Driving a wedge through America

I was pondering the other day and was wondering if a day-care center had the babies in their care of three Spanish mothers, three white women, three Chinese women and three African-American women. Do you think the children would know what color they were or would they even care?

I think the children would only care where the toys they wanted are, where their bottle is for food, and if they needed their diaper changed. They would want someone to love them, color would not be on their mind.

Then as they (children) get older, adults start driving the wedges of hate into the little minds, so with all the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons, Rep. Rep Maxine Watters and Leonard Pitts Jr., our society will never heal. These leaders are what are called wedgers. A wedge is a tool that separates.

What our country needs is people to unite our genders, ethnic groups, and faith based religions into one America.

Read the column by Leonard Pitts Jr. in The Lima News. You can feel the hostility in his article.

Edward Klaus, Delphos


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