Letter: A hard look at Socialism

Just which is the Socialist party? Larry Donaldson, a strong union man, points to Republicans; however, the Democrat party is now heavily laden with vocally avowed Socialists and thus is a Socialist party.

Would union movements be allowed to exist under Socialism? The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), North Korea and China are clear examples of “no.” In fact, Socialist Poland’s miners’ Solidarity union movement resulted in the deaths, disappearances, “attitude adjustments,” etc. of promoters.

Do you recall that liberals (e.g., Barney Frank and company) reduced loan controls to make home ownership available to more people and that this was a major driver of the mass foreclosures and financial losses that drove the Great Recession?

Do you recall that the resulting 2009 bailouts of financial institutions were voted in by a Congress with a dominant Democrat majority and approved by pro-socialism President Obama? Why didn’t Congress attach proper strings to prevent any of these hundreds of millions of dollars from ending up lining the pockets of company officials?

Do you recall that Socialist USSR built a wall to keep its people in, while non-Socialist US wants to build a wall to control the entry of masses who want to come in?

How can one believe Democrat claims to care for others when they overwhelmingly support and promote the hard-hearted, cruel murdering of 1,000,000 babies a year?

A common aspect of Socialism is its disdain for alternate thought. We see this in the way pro-Socialism demonstrators shout down those with non-Socialist messages. Under Socialism, letters columns in papers would not be allowed to exist, but lots of secret police would exist to control alternate thought.

James Powell, Lima


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