Letter: RTA tax is 1¢ of $10 spent

I am asking the Allen County voters to support the Allen County Regional Transit Authority ’ s ( RTA ) sales tax levy on May 7.

This sales tax levy is for 0.01%, which equals out to be one penny on a $10 purchase . The Allen County RTA needs this levy money so they can continue operating and restore services that were cut in 2018.

Since losing the South Metcalf bus service ( two blocks from our home ) , we have to walk to the Lima Towers Apartments on South Main, which is about 10 blocks from our home to catch the closest Allen County RTA bus.

I am almost 63 years old and do not own a car nor do I have a driver’s license. I rely on the Allen County RTA for transportation. I do not know what we would do for transportation if the Allen County RTA no longer existed .

Jean Drexler, Lima


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