Letter: Electoral College works just fine

From an article that I just saw in The Lima News, it appears the Democrats have developed a scheme to guarantee them the presidency forever.

If the Electoral College is bypassed, popular election of the president is assured. Electing the presidentt by popular vote was looked at and rejected by our Founding Fathers. The popular vote will hand over the election of the president to the population centers on the East and West coasts. The fly over states will effectively be locked out of any chance of participating in a presidential election. Do you really want California to decide the outcome of future presidential elections?

It does not matter what you may think of the current president. This would lead to one party control of the Executive Office and that is not what our Founding Fathers envisioned for our country. The Democrats realize that their program of creeping Socialism will not be accepted by states in the interior of the country. The only way they can seize control is by changing the rules to favor themselves. Remember this, Lincoln was not elected by a Popular Vote, he won in the Electoral College. Had he lost, would our Union have been saved? Would Slavery still exist? Would our country have been split into two nations, one North without slavery, one South with slavery?

The wisdom of the Founding Fathers never ceases to amaze me. They created a Constitution that has served our country well for hundreds of years. To quote and old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Kenneth E Harris, Lima


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