Letter: Will David Duke be next Lima News columnist?

On April 2nd, The Lima News published a column by Cal Thomas entitled “If Not an Emergency, What Is It?” In the column Thomas addresses what Donald Trump and his supporters have characterized as the “crisis” at our southern border.

Thomas waxes nostaligic about the good old days of the Harding administration, when our political leaders imposed quotas that heavily favored white immigrants from northern Europe. He then introduces a metaphor to help us understand why such quotas are necessary:

“Try this experiment to help focus on what America will become without proper border control. Take a glass of milk and begin pouring water into it. At first, the milk is diluted. If the pouring continues, the water will replace the milk.”

This metaphor of dilution is of course a familiar one, has been deployed forever by White Supremacists. “We can’t let white people and black people marry! It will lead to the dilution of the white race!” The implication is that the white is right and every other race is wrong — a potential adulteration of the pure.

Hey, Lima News. Why not just give a regular column to David Duke and be done with it?

p.s. For the record I prefer chocolate milk. Lactose-free, of course.

Dr. Kelly Anspaugh, Ada


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