Letter: A vote for RTA is right thing

I have never used the ACRTA, but I am still voting for the levy for several reasons. Most importantly, it provides transportation for people that do not have other transportation means available to them. Whether that reason is poverty, disability, personal choice, or age, I want to be the person who is helping those individuals and not hindering them.

My son attends Shawnee Weekday Early Learning Center where they use RTA services to transport children on field trips throughout the county. Over 25 field trips took place last year, transporting 1,000 students and 150 teachers. That 2 cents on a $20 purchase seems worth it to me.

Another reason is the need for people in Allen County to receive transportation to the outlying areas of the county such as OSU-Lims Lima students. Wheelchair bound individuals use the RTA. Did you know Allen County Jobs and Family Services is moving out to 950 Commerce Way, the site of the Heart and Vascular Center? How are individuals suppose to get transportation from the city all the way out there when they may be looking for a source of income or support? Voting no for the levy only creates one more big hurdle in front of those who are trying to do better for themselves.

It would be great if we all came together in this community to support a service like the Allen County RTA in May.

Jeff Rosebrock, Lima


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