Letter: Tirade against McCain shameful

Several months have passed since the death of Arizona Senator John McCain and Donald Trump continues to criticize McCain.

McCain was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, incurring injuries that prevented him from raising his hands high enough to comb his hair. Trump never served a day in military service. When McCain was offered early release as a prisoner of war, due to his father being a U.S. Navy admiral, he refused so others who had been in captivity longer could be released. McCain had more integrity, class and character in one of his toes than Trump has in his entire body.

A thin-skinned Trump is also threatening to sue “Saturday Night Live” and those who poke fun at him. If filed, that lawsuit will get about as far as a 1937 Plymouth in the Indianapolis 500.

Trump will go down in history as the worst president this country has had to this point. The sad part is, that thought doesn’t bother him. With his egotistical, narcissistic personality, he would rather be remembered as the worst president than not being remembered at all.

Victor Arnett, Lima


victor arnett


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