Letter: Riding RTA bus helps explain why it’s needed

I support the tax levy for Allen County Regional Transit Authority.

Two years ago I broke my foot. I was able to walk, but I was not able to drive. After a little consideration, I realized the bus went past my house every hour of every day. I easily picked up the bus at the corner, 200 yards from my house.

The trip gave me a new understanding of bus riders. Half of the people picked up that day were going to work. One man came running and was sweating profusely in his effort to catch the bus. He was grateful the driver waited a little longer for him because he was on his way to work.

On my trip home, a woman finishing her job at McDonalds did not have enough money for her trip. Another passenger gave her the extra 50 cents. I recognized several people riding the bus from my years of working as a nurse. The cost to ride the bus is $1 each way. The cost for a senior is 50 cents each way. People riding the bus on a regular basis purchase monthly passes.

Anyone considering not voting for the levy should ride the bus and experience the community of people making their way in life with a little public assistance, getting to work and buying goods and services from local businesses.. The proposed sales tax is very small — one tenth of 1 percent — which is equivalent to only 2 cents on a $20 purchase. Support our public transportation.

Cris Elstro



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