Letter: Public needs better information about RTA

Several days ago, an article was published about the RTA by Bill Bellman, who presented a self-uneducated perspective with demands. He has no business knowing someone else’s business.

He does not need to know anything of their employers or destinations or their medical destinations for treatment or their transportation needs. He doesn’t need to know if there’s an addiction rehabilitation or confidentiality to HIPPA for medical destination, information on part-time jobs or a disability keeping them from driving to get health care or what kind of job they have if they can’t sustain transportation costs.

I believe that RTA should present the cost of sending transportation to the outlying cities of Delphos and Bluffton, providing transportation to after school-hours functions, such as the YMCA or bowling. After the list is compiled, the RTA should present what the failure of the tax proposal would totally affect or eliminate.

RTA, get off your rear ends and present the proper information that needs to be placed in the voters hands.

Robert D. Stoddard II



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