Letter: My problem with RTA

I would like a little information on the RTA issue that we will be voting on this spring.

Shelia Haney, the executive director of RTA, stated in Thursday’s issue of The Lima News that RTA provides over a thousand worker rides a month. I would like to see a list of the Top 10 employers that workers are using RTA to get to. I also want to see how much each of those employers are giving RTA to get them to and from work. I also want to see the wage figures that these employees are making.

Until I get these figures, I will again be voting no. My mind set tells me that RTA wants me to pay more in sales tax to bus workers to minimum wage jobs and that these companies are not giving anything to RTA to get them there. I hope I’m proven wrong. I will gladly pay to get people to and from church, the grocery store or doctor’s office, but I will not pay to bus people to low wage jobs. Let the companies that exploit these people get them to and from work.

Bill Bellman, Lima


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