Letter: Prison, a grave? Don’t go there

I am serving a 20-year sentence for crimes I have committed in the same neighborhood that recently has been in The Lima News. It takes a lot of courage and character to keep going after what I’ve been through. Some people have never recovered form the crazy state of mind that was imposed on them. Extreme depression and excessive stress can mess up anyone’s life.

Imagine an 18-year old who is not properly educated and has only been faced with a negative environment. That’s what I was when I was dealing with problems I didn’t understand, manage, control or address. I didn’t have the intelligence or guidance to reach out to the proper adults who were there and willing to help me in those situations that I faced as a teenager.

At 18, I was in full pursuit of a deadend lifestyle. At 29 years old, I’m stronger and wiser now but I learned my lesson the hard way.

To all of the young men and females in Lima who are in pursuit of a dead-end lifestyle — stop! The streets will get you one of two things — a place in prison or a spot in a grave yard. All of the killing over nothing needs to stop.

Wake up. There is more to life. Think about all the people in your life, brothers, sisters, parents. There are more people who want to see you succeed than you realize. It won’t be easy, but life isn’t suppose to be easy. Hard work matters.

Maurice Groves, Noble Correctional Institution


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