Letter: Everyone is quick to judge

I recently was made aware of an incident that I believe happened in Texas. A veteran died and word got out that his family was not going to attend his funeral — for what reasons I don’t know.

Veterans got together and decided “no brother will be left behind” and 6,000 vets showed up to pay their respects. The procession to the cemetery went on for miles.

This made me think. This is why I’m proud to be an American. It didn’t matter if this veteran was black or white, Republican or Democrat. What mattered was he was an American who fought for his country.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all get along. There’s so much hatred and it affects us all. Everyone is too quick to judge — the way we look, the way we dress, your sexual preference our your political alliance. Beneath all this we mostly want the same things — happiness, good health and a safe nation. We should live by this and help our country be great.

Carolyn Smith, Elida


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