Letter: Pitts’ column good for a laugh

Saturday’s column by Leonard Pitts gave me more than a few laughs! Everything he said about FOX News should have been directed at MSNBC.

FOX News is the No. 1 cable news network. It has been for years! A news station that does what Leonard says FOX does deserves much lower viewership — just like MSNBC has!

Pitts’ column was filled with biased, hate filled comments — no facts or examples of his ravings. I think he must be Miami’s Local Chapter President of the Trump Derangement Syndrome Society. I hear they will be petting dogs and using coloring books in their next meeting, while slowly chanting ….”What happened in 2016? … What happened in 2016”….

Pulitzer or not, it’s time to retire Leonard!

Ed Hanson, Lima


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