Letter: Great apes face extinction

Many species of animals are in peril of vanishing forever because of human actions.

Some of the first species that comes to most people’s minds are the great apes: chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans. They share 98 percent of our genetic makeup, and yet, they are dangerously close to extinction. As human populations expand, the jungles where they live are being fragmented into smaller pieces, and they are being slaughtered so that their young can be illegally sold as pets.

If we let great apes go extinct, it will have dire consequences on the ecosystems in which they live, much like how our actions have drastically affected ecosystems and animal populations in our area, such as the elimination of cougars and wolves in Ohio, which in turn caused deer and raccoons to overpopulate. If we are to prevent similar problems from occurring in Africa and Indonesia, we must support all conservation efforts.

Thomas Miller Huffman, Lima


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