Letter: Pain and depression

Taken from the Washington Post: More than 300 health-care experts signed a letter saying that the Centers for Disease Control and Protection’s guidelines on opioid use are harming patients who suffer from long-term pain. The experts said those who benefit from the prescription narcotics have tried to illegally obtain drugs and have even committed suicide in some cases. (Lenny Bernstein)

Seeing the article is important to me. I have written my state and federal senators and Gov. DeWine. The only response came from U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown.

As a woman, until my late 60s, I was active. In my 50s, I crewed on a racing sailboat and worked as a therapist in Florida. At age 57 I moved back to Ohio, took over a failing business and made a success of it.

At 78, I’m in pain 24/7, result of various issues with my spine, cervical spine to the lumbar. I have never been a social butterfly, business is my love., also love to create. Depression is a result of pain, can destroy the desire to live. People do not understand it unless they live with pain.

Carole Daley, Lima


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