Letter: Protests can be driven by love

Responding to “Pitts fuels the hate fire” (Lima News 3/2/19).

The author attributes hate as the motive for the lad’s action. Such accusations add to the problem of racism in our country. Protests against what one considers to be an injustice can be driven by love for a country that is, indeed, lovable in many ways, but certainly not without some very serious flaws.

Pointing out those flaws and working to correct them — protesting — can be an act of love of country and an ardent desire for its continued movement towards peace and justice for all its citizens. Finally, one must ask the question: Had this 11-year-old boy been white, would the reaction, both on the part of the teacher and the police, have been the same? And yes, the need to ask the question is a sign that racism still exists in our country.

Great strides have been made, thanks in part to some very famous protesters, and thousands of ordinary people who joined them, sometimes at great risk to themselves. But problems remain, as does the need for creative, constructive protests, based on a love of our country and what it can still become.

Al O’Dell, Kalida


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