Letter: Jordan’s moral outrage rings hollow

As I watched Congressman Jim Jordan relentlessly grill Michael Cohen, repeatedly pointing out that Cohen is a liar and a felon, I had to chuckle. This is the same Jim Jordan who self-righteously proclaimed that he had never heard Donald Trump tell a lie.

It should not surprise anyone that Trump’s personal fixer has lied on Trump’s behalf. Yes, Michael Cohen has lied, he has bribed, he has threatened, and he has coerced. Over the span of 10 years he faithfully did the dirty work that a fixer gets paid to do.

Jim Jordan’s moral outrage rings hollow. It is true, Michael Cohen did some very bad things and he will soon occupy a prison cell as a result of his conduct. Jordan, however, should save a generous portion of his selective outrage for the man who employed Cohen for 10 years to do those bad things.

If Jordan wants to find Cohen’s former boss, it should be easy enough. He lives right down the road from the Capital Building in a big white house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

James Carr, Celina


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