Letter: Thief in the night steals dignity

When a thief enters our domain and confiscates that which we have worked so hard to obtain, we become outraged, incensed or angry. Those are the physical possessions that are dear to us whether it be a computer, a television, or jewelry box, possessions that we all worked hard to obtain.

Our parents worked equally hard as well to instill in each one of us our self pride, our dignity, our respect for humanity, the pursuit in striving to do the right thing. And though we fail at times to hold on to those teachings and to live by them, we could always discern things that were right and things that were wrong because that’s what we were taught.

As much as we treasure those possessions that we lose because of that thief in the night, many have lost so much more. I wondered how, as a man called a woman “horse face,” you could applaud wondering too if you would applaud if it was your daughter. And I wondered, as this same individual made fun of a handicapped reporter, how you could laugh. And I wondered how you nodded in agreement when the same person attacked a war hero and a gold star family.

During the last couple of years , so many of you have been robbed of things so much more valuable than those physical possessions and sadly, you don’t even know it. You see you lost your sense of dignity, honor and respect and you look for the soul in the person you once were.

All the gifts given to you so long ago taken away from you by a thief in the night.

Charles Thomas, Lima


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