Letter: Hope springs eternal

Two good things happened this week in politics. The Democrats and Republicans agreed twice, that’s a good start. First when President Trump walked away from the North Korean talks, the Dems finally agreed that he did something right. Second, two opposing members of Congress came together and actually hugged each other on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Hope springs eternal anytime two opposing sides can agree, even if it agrees to disagree, “Respectfully.” That word “respectfully” has been missing from American politics for a long time.

There is a mounting movement going on right now called the Walk Away movement.

I joined that movement back in 1979 when our then President Jimmy Carter left our hostages sit in Iran for 444 days. Actually it started back in the early 70s when the Democratic Party decided that abortion on demand needed to become legal.

Today’s Democratic Party is about to implode, with the large number of far-left 2020 Democratic candidates going so far to the left it reminds me of Columbus in 1492 when people thought that if Columbus sailed far left into the Atlantic Ocean he would fall off the earth. With the far-left socialistic candidates running in 2020 they will finally sail off into the sunset.

The Democratic Party needs to start listening to the American voters. It wasn’t the Russians or any of the political shenanigans that you or Hillary tried to pedal, it was the American people that beat you. You need to listen to the American people, or at least to the cries of the helpless babies. Walk away from the Democratic Party.

Kathy Hennessy-Ball, Lima


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