Letter: Leonard Pitts Jr. fuels the hate fire

In response to Mr. Lenard Pitts Jr. article in The Lima News on Feb. 26 concerning the 11-year-old black boy in Lakeland, Florida, not wanting to say the Pledge of Allegiance: It became very clear that an 11-year-old boy had been taught hate by his home environment, because when an infant is born, it comes into the world with the expectation of being loved by a caretaker, whomever that might be.

So for an 11-year-old to come to a public school and refuse to profess the love of country, it had to be told to him by someone or someones at home. He was not born with hate in his little heart. For the sub teacher to relate an important message to this young man — if you are unhappy with America, leave — the teacher was speaking from her own experience of love of her country.

American is a place that has given many people of all races the opportunity to succeed, look up Charles Payne and Tim Scott, just to say a couple. But if you really want to see what America has produced, google, successful black people and you will be amazed to see great number that have become very wealthy and successful in America.

So, Mr. Pitts, instead of always fueling the hate fire, become a mentor for the young minorities who want to follow a true American, if Martin Luther King was still alive today, he would be ashamed to call you a friend. He spoke of love of country, not hate. Become a leader, not a hater.

Edward Klaus, Delphos


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