Letter: Why are these people so mad?

Every time there is a letter to the editor from someone that dares to think and express political facts about life in the real world, some of this area’s right wing self-proclaimed experts lose their collective minds. Here’s a question: Why are these people so mad?

One would think, by their letters and comments, that these conservatives were under the political thumb of progressives. Looking at history (hopefully they remember what that is), this area of the state has been controlled by the Republican Party for years.

Sounds like these people should be living their dream. They’ve got just what they want since the GOP runs everything, not just in this area, but in the entire state. Accordingly, then, shouldn’t this area be in better financial shape than it is, based on the controlling party’s conservative ideology? You know, giving lip-service to subjects like smaller government, being fiscally conservative and being the party of “family values.”

These people have the local and state government they voted for, but are still mad. And they still blame progressives for their problems. Could it be that their anger is misdirected? Or maybe they just want to be angry because that’s what Trump, the pied piper, tells them to do.

As a thinker and reader of facts, (I know this can be disconcerting to the legions of Trump’s emulating admirers) it appears therapists need not worry about a lack of work around these parts.

Larry Donaldson, Elida


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