Letter: How stupid is our government?

Here is an easy way to solve the illegal immigrant issue.

• Build the wall

• No government benefits or welfare for anyone here illegally.

• Set up a data base of employers that will sponsor a worker and give a one-year work permit for that worker. They must stay employed or permit to work gets pulled. After one year the permit can be renewed and the family can enter the US and start a pathway to citizenship. They must speak English!

4)Finger print and photograph anyone here illegally. They are no longer eligible for citizenship.

5) Deport any one illegally here within two weeks. No beds, no food after that time limit.

Next problem is our crumbling infrastructure.

What do you expect, government wants electric cars, and tax dollars subsidies the purchase of them. Since they don’t use gas to run or get high fuel mileage, no tax money to repair roads. Now they want to raise the gas tax. How are the drivers of the electric cars paying their fair share of road use tax?

It’s time for term limits for Congress. They have been there so long that they are out of touch with the real world. Seems like they just get elected so they can become millionaires in office.

Another thought, when they ban guns, who will protect you. The criminal will have 5 to 20 minutes to do what they want to you before the police can get there. That’s if you have time to call 911.

Robert Kinninger, Wapakoneta


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