Letter: Smart meters can cause fires

We’ve all heard about the health hazards of smart meters. Now we’re going to hear about the fire hazards. You see, smart meters can burn your house to the ground, with you and your family in it.

For example: On Jan. 29th, Pacific Gas and Electric, a $70 billion utility, filed bankruptcy to shield itself from lawsuits involving homes destroyed by the California wildfires. Insurance companies claim their investigators found defective equipment, including smart meters, caused some of the fires.

Another example: In 2014 the Canadian province of Saskatchewan forced their utility company to replace all 105,000 smart meters with regular analog meters, because of known house fires.

Reno, Nevada, is considering the same medicine due to multiple house fires, caused by smart meters.

And, Portland General Electric is replacing 70,000 residential “smart” meters that run the risk of catching fire.

My question: With all these red flags, independent studies, lawsuits, bankruptcies, and the human suffering; why do the politicians continue to force this technology down our throats? This question should leave right-minded folks scratching their heads.

Ned Bushong, Lima

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