Letter: Time to pay for tax cut

“The Republicans, supposedly the green-eyeshade party that Americans trust to handle the economy, are at best a pack of incompetents and at worst a gang of swindlers. Their landmark tax overhaul, supposedly the pinnacle of their efforts, is an incoherent and contradictory mess. And its results keep getting worse and worse.” This is a quote from an article by Jeff Spross in “The Week” and says it all in my mind.

Why would anyone who works for a weekly paycheck support Republican policies. They, the Republicans , are not about protecting the interests of the middle or lower class Americans. No, they are about protecting their rich friends and the corporations.

The propaganda about how the tax cut will help everyday Americans was just a lie. The administration pressured the IRS to rework the tax tables that your employer uses to deduct your withholding taxes each week to make you think you were getting more money. But at the end of the year you must settle the bill. The bottom line is that politicians, yes both sides, are liars — but the majority of it falls on the right.

They still try to sell us the idea of “trickel down.” We learned that didn’t work under Reagan. It will never work. The only thing that would promote that would be to ensure there is more disposable income in the middle class. They keep this economy running. Wake up people: The conservative line is a big, fat lie.

Sherri Elley, Lima


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