Letter: Babies deserve right to life

I hope that I wasn’t the only one to watch in shock and dismay the spectacle in the New York assembly recently. Our country is moving further and further away from life and liberty to “the pursuit of happiness” at the expense of innocent lives. I have been praying, and I hope all Christians are. But we need to do more. We have the chance to change the tide by the legislation being brought forth at the federal level. Babies do not have a voice or a choice, but they should have the right to life.

I find it ironic that the same people who call protecting our country from illegal immigrants at our border immoral find it perfectly okay to kill children to protect a woman’s desires. I don’t know how any parent can see the ripped legs and arms and head of a baby newly aborted and not be affected. But most put it out of their minds. Locally we have a congressman who cares about the unborn and we have a senator who does too. Please write them to encourage them. And please write or email Senator Brown to see if he has ever seen an abortion or the results of one and can still vote with a clear conscience.

Pam Thaman, Lima


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