Letter: Work together to save Lake Erie

On Feb. 26 citizens of Toledo are going to vote on whether they be allowed to sue farmers for the water coming off of their farms going into Lake Erie. This matter should be resolved in another manner other than voting against one another.

Farmers live under strict government regulations on how much fertilizer can be applied/ injected now into fields. Manure can only now be injected and only at certain times of the year. Not on frozen ground etc. Citizens should be aware that Sunny Farms Landfill in Seneca County accepts tons of waste from New York. It is a stinking mess to those who live in the area, but it is also dangerous to Lake Erie because rain that falls on this waste eventually travels to Lake Erie.

How many Toledoans spray and fertilize lawns all summer or use a lawn service? Do you think this does not travel to Lake Erie?

How many of you have dog and cat waste runoff that also travels into the water system. If all of the pets in Toledo were counted, this would add up to more than all the livestock in the area. Animal waste weather wild, tamed, or human is a fact of life.

Just by using water you are a danger to the Lake and it should be a problem that is solved by all of us working together not against one another since we all use and enjoy the lake.

If you think food is expensive now just wait to see what happens in the future if you vote for this measure and farmers go under because they have been sued by you. You can’t grow fruits, vegetables, and grains without using fertilizer or their cost would be so prohibitive that only the rich would eat.

Linda Bishop, Findlay


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